Friday, September 4, 2009

a day to remember.. PART 3

as usual... its jammed in taipan.. we tawwaf-ed taipan for parking...
for less time consumption.. we do the natural art of Malaysians.


met the person in charge... Pn. Norizah.. a nice woman i guess or just when mom is there..?
well.. not to say anything harsh..

but thats what a salesperson do best..
nice in front...
but at the back... hurm...

met Mr,,, Umara i guess. a gentle arab. trying to persuade me into dentistry..
i can see my mammah's eye... like an eagle..
sharp into my eyes~ 'DONT YOU DARE~! MEDIC IS YOUR DESTINY!'

whatever mom.. hahaha... she is the best mom i had! (for sure.. coz i have ONE mom...)

anyway.. we discuss bout study in egypt.
they being frantically kind to help me get on the flight of 26th of Sept..
thanks to Pn. Norizah.

hoping the best for my placing in Alexandria University.

wish me luck guys! ;)

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