Friday, September 4, 2009

a day to remember.. PART 2

its not long enough for me to have a tight nap.. until mom is back..
rushed into my room..
while i was in... baju tido lah..

but my butt is on the chair.. 'automatically.. on the chair~' with the computer is on.
guess what is on the screen? RESTAURANT CITY-facebook

doing my thang~ ignoring my mom's presence..

"oyy... have a check on tis website..."
"uh.. okay.." so the search is on~!

al-azhar? 4 juz of quran? to be remembered? uhh.. its tough for me... haha... (well. not that tough if i really want it..)

"i want to be with my friends laahh..."

"where then?"


"then try search it on the net.."

QAS management.. fly high to alexandria, zagzig,,whatev.. and so on..
she called the number..

we went to the QAS management office at 3.00 office hour...

the office is in taipan USJ...


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