Friday, September 4, 2009

a day to remember.. PART 1

it was late in the morning... (12.30 office hour)


really hard to get up early. especially me.. the laziest son in my family. haha..

suddenly, i got a phone call..
it was my mom.. sheesh.. 'kacau lah~' i ignored it until the 3rd time..

'okayy okayy.. im picking up ur call..'

"what is it mom?"

she just wanna know what am i doing.. well.. i said im awake already but I'M REALLY NOT!

i continue sleeping like a baby.. then.. the phone rang again! argh!
it was my mom.. for the SECOND TIME~
i answered. she asked me a different question now..

"thinking of egypt?"

"huh?? why?"

"i've searched for you a good thing-to-do in egypt.."

"wow! what is it?" (im thinking of holiday! ahaha..)

but it is definitely not a holiday to egypt.. guess what.. she searched for me a study agent to egypt.. huh~ sweat~

"to where?"

"cairo.. al-azhar.."

"whoaaa~!!" FTW man... an damn old university~ "hurmm... lets talk bout it when ur home okayy~?"


i continue my task.. SLEEPING..

boom! goes the phone AGAINN? i wandering it was NS.. but its not.. its MOM~ another sweat~

"yeah mom..."

"concerning bout egypt......
okay mom,, im waiting for you to come home 1st.. we'll discuss it at home.. PLEASE~"

'please.. dont ring again...' and the phone didnt.. AT LAST~

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