Sunday, September 6, 2009

let me finish first... PART 1

she replied!


dats the word that i can express my feeling when i got a msg from her..

even if the msg is short.. or replied late..

the feeling is just there~

its my time to reply..

i came up with a question... its just a simple question..

it sounds like this :

" i have a bad news and a good news... which you want to hear first? "

but i have no idea of how deadly that question would be...

" the bad news.."

in just a slap on Aizat's face, i got an idea... i replied...

" the bad news... i have to leave u soon.... "

and thats the beginning of a new chapter in my life...

which the incident i would never forget...

welcome to the Eat Station~

early in the morning..

as usual.. the 1st think in my mind. RESTAURANT CITY. (sorry dear.. its not you yet...)

at the market... they are selling ice... ICE~!

'woohooo~! i got the ingredients to complete my menu to lvl 10!'

'come come ice...'

shop rating is at the top.. 5 stars maybe..

i can see only gold plates served on the table.. neither silver nor black.

it all began from a tiny box of walls n floors..

awhh... 'Eat Station'... magnificento~

Friday, September 4, 2009

a day to remember.. PART 3

as usual... its jammed in taipan.. we tawwaf-ed taipan for parking...
for less time consumption.. we do the natural art of Malaysians.


met the person in charge... Pn. Norizah.. a nice woman i guess or just when mom is there..?
well.. not to say anything harsh..

but thats what a salesperson do best..
nice in front...
but at the back... hurm...

met Mr,,, Umara i guess. a gentle arab. trying to persuade me into dentistry..
i can see my mammah's eye... like an eagle..
sharp into my eyes~ 'DONT YOU DARE~! MEDIC IS YOUR DESTINY!'

whatever mom.. hahaha... she is the best mom i had! (for sure.. coz i have ONE mom...)

anyway.. we discuss bout study in egypt.
they being frantically kind to help me get on the flight of 26th of Sept..
thanks to Pn. Norizah.

hoping the best for my placing in Alexandria University.

wish me luck guys! ;)

a day to remember.. PART 2

its not long enough for me to have a tight nap.. until mom is back..
rushed into my room..
while i was in... baju tido lah..

but my butt is on the chair.. 'automatically.. on the chair~' with the computer is on.
guess what is on the screen? RESTAURANT CITY-facebook

doing my thang~ ignoring my mom's presence..

"oyy... have a check on tis website..."
"uh.. okay.." so the search is on~!

al-azhar? 4 juz of quran? to be remembered? uhh.. its tough for me... haha... (well. not that tough if i really want it..)

"i want to be with my friends laahh..."

"where then?"


"then try search it on the net.."

QAS management.. fly high to alexandria, zagzig,,whatev.. and so on..
she called the number..

we went to the QAS management office at 3.00 office hour...

the office is in taipan USJ...


a day to remember.. PART 1

it was late in the morning... (12.30 office hour)


really hard to get up early. especially me.. the laziest son in my family. haha..

suddenly, i got a phone call..
it was my mom.. sheesh.. 'kacau lah~' i ignored it until the 3rd time..

'okayy okayy.. im picking up ur call..'

"what is it mom?"

she just wanna know what am i doing.. well.. i said im awake already but I'M REALLY NOT!

i continue sleeping like a baby.. then.. the phone rang again! argh!
it was my mom.. for the SECOND TIME~
i answered. she asked me a different question now..

"thinking of egypt?"

"huh?? why?"

"i've searched for you a good thing-to-do in egypt.."

"wow! what is it?" (im thinking of holiday! ahaha..)

but it is definitely not a holiday to egypt.. guess what.. she searched for me a study agent to egypt.. huh~ sweat~

"to where?"

"cairo.. al-azhar.."

"whoaaa~!!" FTW man... an damn old university~ "hurmm... lets talk bout it when ur home okayy~?"


i continue my task.. SLEEPING..

boom! goes the phone AGAINN? i wandering it was NS.. but its not.. its MOM~ another sweat~

"yeah mom..."

"concerning bout egypt......
okay mom,, im waiting for you to come home 1st.. we'll discuss it at home.. PLEASE~"

'please.. dont ring again...' and the phone didnt.. AT LAST~