Sunday, March 1, 2009

| throw out ur physics notes!!! |

hey fellas... its been awhile i lock myself up in a cage stdying for mid-term.. hahah....[padahal xla stdy byk mane pon.. ('.') ] i'd just fin my mid-term exm last week, wednesday to be exact...

whew~ lega a bit la afte dis bcoz no need to stdy the previous chap of phy~~ related to electric! wala~ its been in my mind for how many century,, i oso forgot to count la,,, wth in the world, a what they say,, "goin to be" doctors need to learn about electricity?? gila ka?? well yeah,, we need the knowledge a bit bout electric to do stuff, electrical appliances,, but let me ask u la.. stdying bout the activity of an electron, is that necessary?

i just dunno what the college is trying to put a burden on us what they called "goin to be" doctors,, kalau ya pon nak ktrg jd nerd,,, ajar la chapter yang related to medic~ bagi ktrg join MBBS group terus.. give us ALL the knwledge bout medicine or pharm... kan senang nk jd kn kami budak2 nerd?? haiyya.. siao la...

what is more siao-er than ever is the WAYYYYY we learn pHySiCs~~ huhu... i tolded u guys ar,, my physics class in CUCMS is the "BESSTTESTT" evarRR!

hurmm... k la... enough la bout phy for this half-sem... i tolded u guys again ar.. u better throw out ur previous notes.. sepahkan bilik ajer.... ahahahhahahaha~~! :D

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