Monday, March 2, 2009

| respect for the nerds? |

do this looks a lot? hurm... if u have to study a whole stack of books during ur foundation year, what do u think ur gonna be? a nerddyyy~~ hahahahaha!!! aku pelik btol la ppl nowadays wanteddddd to be a nerddy... espcially in my college.. come on la bro, its just foundation year la... like mbbs stdnt said,, 'u better njoy ur foundation year b4 goin to mbbs'.. u noe what they means? its tough during mbbs.. u'll have less-ER time to hangout with ur frens n njoy sana sini...

xpaham eh?? apa yang korg paham eh??? k la.... to simplify things,,, foundation year is not that easy but not that tough as in mbbs. like me,,, i just aim to pass foundation so that i can enter mbbs.. thats enough for me.. yeah.. think about it. what actually u'll get if u stdy so hard to score in foundation with flying colours but u dont have a life?? bukannya dpt sijil pun like in the old days -at school.. its just foundation laaa.. haiya~

i remember someone toldED me,, to succeed in life, u need to study hard to achieve it.. well yeah... to have a good job, u have to get good results... let me say this,, if u graduate,, r u guaranteed to have a job later?? the most important thing is how much experience u have... not ur knowldge bout something.. evntough u r a phd holder, maybe in physics la,, not all company would take u into their workforce, if u wanna be a part of educators, ur teaching skills definitely wont be the same as a normal cikgu sekolah!! right? for me,, a nerd person who stdy so much is damm lowsy loser than a penganggur berdikari who can find money to sara hidup they all..

think bout it guys... go find ur life!

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doublevoices said...

ur point is, u r njoying ur lyfe n trying not 2 be a nerdy?hoho