Thursday, January 29, 2009

struggling in a battle...

phew~~~ classes after hols is damn tiring.. i rather continue with classes than having hols for just a few days...which the class during the hols will be replaced after the hols... walawehh~~ what a cny for the chinese in my coll.. kesiaann.... yeah la... its a public holiday but yet we need to replace classes! during the hols,, they njoy,, njoy,, njoy,,, n then,, blk cyber,, homework manyak pulak... haiyaa~ bikin wa pnin kipala la... now, we hutang the coll bout 9 classes dunno when to ganti... well.. just face it aite?? gambate~~!!!! hiyeaarrgghh!!!!!

u c what i mean?? ;P

c how melv gile2 wt hw? haha... n look at dat guy.. wooo~~~


doublevoices said...

haha. tu la...sape suro amik medic???*evil laughs* btw,chiayou!!!!!no pain, no gain;D

kimilaren said...

hahaha..gambar hariz mati tu x boleh bla.ahahaha..setiap kali aku tengok position recharge dia tu..haha..aku nak gelak ajer