Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY : me want angpaw!!

what a mixed up CNY holiday for me this year (is my sentence sounds like im the one who celebrate?) hahaa.. wuteva.. well.. im just having a great time with my big family together bbqing at pantai pd...foya2 tepi pantai... strolling at the beach with ma kazens.. bored act.. nothing to do much there.yeah rite..for 2 nites n 2 days...in just one day we'd tried evrything there.crab finding..sand castle...xOoOm sessions [sadly i dun have the pixs now ;( ] n lazy to mention more.. thats the best part... but not that best part... haha... what act im saying here huh??? lols.. theres also one event i'll nver forget the nite my brother fetched me at cyber for the hols.. do i really need to tell it?? naahhh!! maybe not... but for the 'one' who knows the story.. i'l sayy, thanx for it... its a memory for me bout yah but what i said is clear and final... sorry~ erm... kkk... enuf of that... n not to late to say... Happy Chinese New Year!! huhuhu... angpaw,,anyone~?

haalamak!! whats dat?! haha...

one of ma anak buah... ngee~~

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millie said...

hahah! syafiq mcm dh jd org gilak! sronok yer..mestilah sronok kan? =)
eit2..i dh nk blk usm!